Value Your Time As Much As You Value Your Money

Photo Credit: Steven Miesel/Max Mara

Photo Credit: Steven Miesel/Max Mara

We've have all heard or said the phrase, "I don't like when people waste my time!". We feel disrespected and disgusted when someone stands us up or shows up late. Our blood boils when a client doesn't follow through or when we've dated someone who couldn't reciprocate the love (coughs!). If you have felt this way, you are right -- your time is important and others should treat it as such. But what happens when we waste our own time?

We often waste our own time and do not hold ourselves to the same level of respect that we demand from others. This is a huge problem! How can we expect someone to value our time when you don't value your own? Learn how to make your time a priority with the following tips.

Value Your Time As Much As You Value Your Money

Unlike money, you cannot get back time -- once time is wasted, it is gone forever! If I took you to a luxury boutique and told you to purchase something, you would pay careful attention to each price tag to: a) see if the quality of the piece justifies the price, b) if you could afford or have the budget for what you're interested in purchasing. Most of us wouldn't buy anything without researching customer reviews online.

Now if I asked you to join me for an amazing party this upcoming weekend with no cover charge and an open bar, you would probably make an effort to make it -- since we value money so much, we get really excited when things are free or discounted. When we have to shell out major cash, we are careful and discerning -- the same way that we should be with our time.

There is nothing wrong with free things or experiences -- I enjoy them too. However, if you have a goal that you're working towards or a project that needs your attention, make sure that you haven't committed to an engagement that will throw you off schedule.

Investing in yourself is one of the best ways to ensure that you live a rewarding life. Besides, who wants to live life with regrets and shoulda-coulda-wouldas?

Watch the Company That You Keep

Our free time is our "reward" to ourselves for working hard, no? Going to the museum inspires us, visiting a foreign country for the first time excites us and friends encourage us. When you have time to yourself, nourish your mind, body and soul with things like good food, an acclaimed novel, yoga and positive interaction.

I repeat, positive interaction! Stay clear of people with bad energy and negative outlooks on life. Not only will your time be wasted with them, you will also be spiritually drained from combating said energy. 

How and who you spend your free time with is just as important as how you spend your days at work. Our time for leisure should recharge, not break us down.  Watch the company that your keep and protect yourself from weird energy at all costs!


Learn to Say "No" 

Not having the confidence to say no (and just plain "No". No explanation necessary!) is an exhausting game to play to say the least. There's a saying that goes, "Givers need limits because takers rarely do."  This saying rings true for all you sweetie pies who just cannot let anyone down -- appreciable quality to have but don't end up letting yourself down, babe.

Are you valuing your time? What tips do you have time management?