Self-Care: My Journey (and Struggle) to Get 8 Hours of Sleep Daily

Credit: British Vogue

Credit: British Vogue

I wake up extremely early for work during the week and it kind of rules my life. If I start my week without proper rest, it throws my entire vibe off. I spend the next week catching up and then it all comes crashing down. I am now reporting live from home sick and extremely tired!

For the past two months, I have been trying my best to get 8 hours of sleep every night. I have been somewhat successful but am experiencing quite a few challenges as of late. Most my challenges have been dinners after work with friends or work events and also just spending extra quality time with family — okay and also staying up past my bedtime to watch ‘Being Mary Jane’.

When I don’t get a full 8 hours of sleep, I feel incomplete and pretty sluggish during the day. I get home and have no energy left to do anything outside of helping my daughter with her homework and chatting with my husband about my day. I just sit on the couch in a catatonic stupor, scrolling through Instagram and liking photos of Paris Fashion Week street style photos. I am not motivated to read a book (you know all the books that you wanted to read in 2017), speak on the phone with family or work on passion projects. This can’t be life! 

So now, unless I have specifically planned in advanced, I will not be sacrificing my eight hours of sleep for anyone or anything. I deserve to have a clear mind and a rested body. Not convinced to do the same? Here are some benefits of getting rest every night:

Improves Memory

Learning a new language or skill? Sleep protects your new found knowledge while you catch some z’s. Now we know why we were supposed to get a good night’s rest before the SAT’s .

Fights Inflammation

Inflammation is linked to all types of diseases. Researchers have found that people who get less rest have higher levels of inflammatory protein in your blood. Sleep helps your body to heal!

Healthy Weight

Sleep and metabolism are controlled by the same parts of your brain. When you are tired, hormones go into your blood and make you hungry. Secure the bikini body with adequate sleep, Sis!  


Curb Depression

Getting your proper amount of rest can help you decrease your anxiety and make you less moody. Sleeping during the weekend is not enough. Get 8 hours a day to keep your mind, body and soul healthy. 

Do you get 8 full hours of sleep every night?